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Who is Vanessa De Souza?

At Property Real Estate Company, we believe that when it comes to finding a home what’s outside the front door is just as important as what’s behind it.

That’s why we go beyond the typical listings, by sourcing insights straight from locals and offering over 34 neighborhood map overlays, to give people a deeper understanding of what living in a home and neighborhood is really like.

We’re committed to helping them discover a place where they will love to live and where they will feel more connected to the community and to each other. It’s why we strive every day to help build a more neighborly world.

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Maria E. Flynn

Es war eine Freude, mit Dex Immobilien an der Suche nach einer perfekten Wohnung für meine Familie und mich zu arbeiten.

Dalmar Johnson

Heutzutage ist es sehr schwierig, ein geeignetes Geschäftsbüro in Wien zu finden, aber Dex Immobilien macht es viel einfacher. Danke.

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